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The Secure Internet Systems Online Helpdesk is a simple, easy to use, but powerful trouble ticketing system. By default it uses MySQL as the database backend, but can be extended to use any database. It provides comprehensive searching capabilities and uses form-based authentication which is easily configurable through the servlet container.


The Online Helpdesk is a Java-based web application which can run in any J2EE compliant servlet container, such as Apache Tomcat. It runs under Tomcat 5 and is web-app 2.4/JSP 1.2 compliant. It requires MySQL version 4.0.17 or better.

The binary archive consists of the file which contains the following directory structure:

                            helpdesk.war - the web application archive
                            helpdesk.ddl - the data definition language file to run to create the database.
                            tomcat-users.xml - a UserDatabase implementation of form-based authentication
                                index.html - this file
  1. Unzip the distribution file into a temporary directory. It will create a subdirectory called helpdesk.
  2. Customize the dept and people table entries by editing helpdesk.ddl.
  3. Login to MySQL using "mysql -u root -p".
  4. Use the command "source <temp_dir>/helpdesk/helpdesk.ddl" to build the database.
  5. Copy tomcat-users.xml to <tomcat_home>/conf/ (or add to existing file).
  6. Configure the application. See Configuration below.
  7. Copy helpdesk.war to <tomcat_home>/webapps/
  8. Start Tomcat.


The main configuration file is which is located in the WEB-INF/classes directory of the war file. To edit it, extract the file to a temporary directory using the command:
                        jar xvf helpdesk.war WEB-INF/classes/
edit the properties file, and re-archive the file using the command:
                        jar uvf helpdesk.war WEB-INF/classes/
The above operation can also be performed using a utility such as WinZip.

The configuration options in the file are divided into two groups, email options and database options.

  • Email Options
    • SEND_EMAIL - (true|false) whether to send email to the person when a ticket is assigned, default "false"
    • SMTP_HOST - host to use as mail relay, default "localhost"
    • EMAIL_FROM - value of the From: field for the emails, default "Online Helpdesk <root@localhost>"

  • Database Options
    At the present time the only database supported is MySQL. Flat file and Postgres support are under development. Commercial database support can be purchased as an add-on module.
    • DB_TYPE - the database to use, default "mysql"
    • DB_DRIVER - the type 4 JDBC driver to use, default "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
    • DB_URL - URL to connect to the database, default "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/helpdesk"
    • DB_USER - the database user to connect as, default "helpdesk"
    • DB_PWD - the password to connect with, default "h3lpdesk"
    • DB_POOLSIZE - the size of the database connection pool, default "5"
    • DB_TIMEOUT - the database connection timeout in ms, default "60000"


In the binary download, customization of the JSP files is allowed as long as the Secure Internet Systems copyright notice is left at the bottom of the page.

©2004 - 2008 Secure Internet Systems