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Our LDAP Migration and Testing Tool   version 1.1 has been released!

Here are some of the new features added in this release:
  • Added Search Menu with LDAP Search, Find Aliases, Find Group Referencees, Find Bad References, and Refresh Directory Tree functions.
  • Added Delete Aliases, Delete Group References, Delete Bad References, Rename and Change Password functionality to the Object Menu.
  • Added Add Alias to Add Submenu of Object Menu.
  • Added Help Menu with View Help File, View License File, View Revision History, and About LDAPTool functionality.
  • Improved group Add/Delete Member functionality.
  • Passwords are no longer editable from Edit Object dialog, and do not print when viewing objects.
  • Added combined file format for Schema Export and Schema Compare.
  • Added double-click to view and right-click to popup Object Menu on directory navigation tree.
  • Added logging with configurable log levels.
  • Added ability to not generate graphs on Performance Tests.
  • General UI cleanup.
If you would like to try out a fully functional, 30-day evaluation of our software, please register.

More detailed information about the tool is available in the LDAPTool Help File.

Questions regarding licensing, features and availability of the tool should be directed to:

Travis Bowen
(520) 975-1526

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