LDAP Migration and Testing Tool


Directory services based on the X.500 protocol are databases which are highly optimized for read access supporting high volume lookup transactions necessary for most authentication systems.

Due to the proliferation of X.500 directory servers which support the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), many companies are currently using or plan to use these services to support enterprise-wide authentication systems. Several difficulties present themselves when implementing a migration of enterprise authentication data to such systems:

The LDAP Migration and Testing tool assists our consultants in the processes outlined above by providing many migration and testing functions in a single, easy to use, cross-platform interface. Our tool runs on any java-enabled platform version 1.2 or later and works with any LDAPv3-compliant directory server. Below is a screen shot of the tool connected to a directory server:

Some of the functions our tool provides are:


Our LDAP Migration and Testing Tool gives our consultants the edge in multiple areas of directory services migration, consolidation, troubleshooting and performance testing resulting in a shorter turn-around time and smoother roll-out of our projects.

For questions on how this tool can be used in your organization, contact Travis Bowen.

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