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Network Security

Secure Internet Systems provides a full range of Internet and network security services including:

  • Network Security Audit
    We can provide security audits for networks, firewalls, and servers using accepted methodologies and software for TCP/IP networks and Unix, Linux and Windows-based platforms. Our consultants can not only document potential security holes but also provide the information and services necessary to eliminate them.

  • Firewall Design/Implementation
    We can provide both design and implementation services to clients for the development of secure Internet or intranet firewall systems, including hardware and software selection, DMZ design and systems configuration. Our consultants are experienced with the concepts of firewall implementation and OS hardening on Unix, Linux and Windows-based systems using most commonly used software such as Checkpoint Firewall-1, Cisco PIX Firewall, and iptables.

  • Authentication Systems Design/Implementation
    We can assist the client in the design and implementation of authentication systems for secure remote access to the client's network. Our consultants are experienced in the setup of both password and token-based authentication systems for TCP/IP networks on Unix-based systems such as tacacs+, kerberos, Secure Dynamics' SecureID and virtual private networks using both firewall and client encryption methods. We specialize in the implementation of LDAP-based authentication systems.

  • Security Policy Development
    We can provide both design and implementation services to the client for the purpose of achieving suitable enterprise-wide security policies. Our consultants have the experience necessary to assist the client in the development of enterprise security policies in order to provide the optimal balance of data integrity, system security and accessibility to meet the client's needs.

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