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Web Application Development

Secure Internet Systems can design and implement secure, custom web-based applications for Internet or intranet including:

  • Online Commerce
    We can design and implement online systems for Internet commerce such as shopping baskets, online storefronts, and Internet malls. Our consultants have the know-how to implement systems which guarantee the safety of sensitive customer information such as credit card numbers or other financial or personal information.

  • Scheduling
    We can both design and implement online scheduling systems for Internet or intranet use. Our consultants can provide the client with scheduling systems for seminar signups, hardware/laboratory allocation or similar functions, which are easily maintainable by in-house staff and provide the level of security required by the client.

  • Customer Support
    We can design and implement online customer support systems for Internet or intranet for such purposes as trouble-ticketing, call-center, or online customer information. Our consultants work with the client to develop systems which are custom-tailored to the client's needs in the areas of both functionality and security of information.

  • Online Training
    We can assist the client with the development of both Internet and intranet online training applications. Our consultants understand the benefits that online training systems provide over traditional methods and can help the client streamline employee training in order to minimize learning curve without the expense and overhead usually associated with these traditional methods.

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